Marie - VIC

This is a fabulous program. Phillip, Amanda & Rebecca are "high octane job finders". For me it was a beautiful thing Monday - Friday to see the group of job seekers steadily reduce in number as they rejoined the workforce in paid employment. In my opinion there should be facilitators like this in every job centre in Victoria.

Karen - VIC

Very motivational program. I felt and still do feel empowered. The program has given me more confidence in myself and in the ability to approach prospective and potential employers.

Leslie – QLD

Very professional and great people. The program motivated me to get a job. Very helpful and the people got me a job!

Stephen – WA

They helped me get a job straight away! How the PEP helped me, was all about confidence in talking to people

Sharon - VIC

Excellent, best thing I ever did! Phil got me there! I got a job! Gave me the confidence to say ‘I can’ Exceptional people, committed, caring and willing to let you be who you can be!

Daniel – QLD

It was good they got me work. They were great and did everything to get me a job. The program was very motivating.

Iain – VIC

Very helpful, I would have loved to have been involved in this last year. Opened up a new and potentially exciting career option and gave me focus (intense). Both facilitators very very good and is a great example of how the sum is greater than the parts. Well done!

Craig – QLD

The program was very helpful – it’s given me my confidence back. I learnt a lot from Phillip in the program. With Heidi I had great support, encouraged all the time and was there when I needed to talk to someone, Heidi is a very positive woman.

Vicky – QLD

Been looking for work for 2 years so this program was very helpful. The job I applied for was what I really wanted, and getting into an interview - fantastic! The facilitators were excellent.

Petrea – QLD

I just want to thank you for your time, motivation, inspiration and respect shown towards all of us heading in the right direction for employment. I personally wish to thank you for re-igniting my fire to get out there and participate in an active role of securing employment for myself, in which by the way I have an interview on Thursday who tell me, that they want me and need me for case management of teenagers. (What do you think? eh!) Suits me right down to my tippy toes! Once again thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really enjoyed my week with you and Heidi.

Cathy- WA

Need more and ongoing programs, this is the best program for our beautiful race. I felt re-assured with the full support. Amanda and Phillip are excellent.

Tarniya - Vic

At first I was a little intimidated because it was full on and straight to the point. However, it built my confidence up quickly. It's a great course and would recommend to anyone. Both Phillip and Heidi were great, very outgoing people. Both gave great advice and displayed good communication skills to each individual person.

Andrew - WA

The PEP program is a very effective program in my opinion and a lot of people will benefit from such a program. The reverse marketers are effective at what they do.

Donna – QLD

Believe it’s been a great help! The program and Phillip and Heidi treated everyone with respect I found all to be very passionate about helping people out.

D.E. – WA

The program was extremely informative. Motivated me to get off my seat and make the moves. Really liked the way the facilitators went above and beyond their tasks.

Elizabeth – QLD

Wonderful, great. Gave great tools to find work, motivational cannot say a bad word! The people were so motivated!

Troy – VIC

I thought the program was excellent. Phillip seemed to give me more confidence to look for work and go to interviews.


Positive, productive, helpful in update my resume. Was great for getting me back into interviews, meeting employers and gaining the confidence to do so. The facilitators, very nice people, professional, very keen to see us all employed, productive and hard working.

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